2 Best Investments for your Wedding Day

Let’s be honest—think about the last wedding you attended. Do you remember what color linens they had on the tables? Do you remember what flavor cake they had? Or how about what kind of flowers the bouquet was made of?
Exactly. You don’t remember it, because at the end of the day it didn’t matter!

What about the way the bride and groom cried while speaking their vows? Or how much fun you had on the dance floor at the reception? Those are the things you remember.

1. Preserving your Memories

Photography and Videography a priority. Period. Remember, those are the only two things that last after the cake is eaten and the flowers are thrown away! You can watch your wedding video year and year on your anniversary, and see how all your friends and family members have grown and changed. It’s also a great way to preserve your memories with people like grandparents, who won’t be here forever!

2. Creating a Fun Experience

Photo booths are both a fun experience, AND preserve your memories. Everyone will have the best time trying on costumes, taking photos with people they have not otherwise, and are actually more opt to take photos because of the experience!

DJs or band, whichever is your preference, also needs to be carefully selected! If you have a boring DJ/band, your guests are not going to get up and dance. But if you have a fun, energetic DJ/band, then your guests are going to have the best night at your wedding. And isn’t that what you want? For your guests to have a great experience?
So what’s my point?

My point is when you are creating your wedding budget, the great investments should include vendors that either preserve your memories, or create a fun, overall experience. Brides sometimes get so caught up in which flowers are the prettiest together or which cake tastes better—at the end of your wedding day, those things will be gone. What you have left are the memories of your wedding day, and the video/photos to prove it all happened!